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Pesticide Formulation Unit

We Are undergoing in process of manufacturing several pesticides in a huge manner thus soon we will also able to start the supply of formulation to other companies too.. we are working on

There are 234 pesticides registered in India. Out of these, 4 are WHO Class Ia pesticides, 15 are WHO Class Ib pesticides and 76 are WHO Class II pesticides, together constituting 40% of the registered pesticides in India. In terms of consumption too, the greatest volumes consumed are of these poisons.

The following is a broad picture of the top pesticide-consuming states in India (total pesticides consumed, in metric tonnes of technical grade material, during 2005-06 to 2009-10, as per official data of the Directorate of Plant Protection, Quarantine and Storage, Govt of India).

Sl. No. State Total Pesticides Consumed
1 Uttar Pradesh 39948
2 Punjab 29235
3 Haryana 21908
4 Maharashtra 16480
5 Rajasthan 15239
6 Gujarat 13430
7 Tamil Nadu 12851
8 All India 210,600

Most consumed pesticides in the country (during 2005-06 to 2009-10)

Sl. No. State
1 Sulphur (fungicide)
2 Endosulfan (insecticide)
3 Mancozeb (fungicide)
4 Phorate (insecticide)
5 Methyl Parathion (insecticide)
6 Monocrotophos (insecticide)
7 Cypermethrin (insecticide)
8 Isoproturon (herbicide)
9 Chlorpyrifos (insecticide)
10 Malathion (insecticide)
11 Carbendazim (fungicide)
12 Butachlor (herbicide)
13 Quinalphos (insecticide)
14 Copper oxychloride
15 Dichlorvos (insecticide)

We are also taking guide to

Acephate (C), Alachlor (B2), Atrazine (C), Benomyl (C),Bifenthrin (C), Captan (B2), Chlorothalonil (B2), Cypermethrin (C), Dichlorvos (C), Diclofop-Methyl (C), Dicofol (C), Mancozeb (B2), Methomyl (C), Metolachlor (C), Oxadiazon (C),Oxyflourfen (C), Permethrin (C), Phosphamidon (C), Propiconazole (C), Propoxur (B2), Thiodicarb (C), Thiophanate Methyl (C), Triadimefon (C), Trifluralin (C).


Bio-Control Lab


The Insect Wing is compartmentalized and progresses from office area to insect research laboratories to multi-species rearing of insects to the Pilot Plant area, which is dedicated to private sector involvement.

There are eight walk-in insect rearing rooms with the capability to closely monitor and control temperature, relative humidity control, and lighting. There is an extensive food preparation area, which includes the capability of customizing many diets using the diet mixing room, the diet preparation room and the form-fill-seal food packaging machine.

The Microbial Wing is compartmented and progresses from offices to microbial research, to microbial mass culture to grow-out rooms to harvest areas, to the Pilot Plant area. The microbial research area consists of six individual laboratory rooms that minimize the potential of cross contamination of product. This area also contains a central location for joint use equipment, and a separate room to contain sterilization equipment.


Bio-Fertilizer Manufacturing Unit

We are totally self depend in sector of and we also delivers it to others