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Len Killer
Killer Chemical Name: 2, 4-D Amine Salt 58% SL

Dose: 40 to 50 ml in 15 ltr water/ spray pump in Wheat, Rice 150 to 200 ml in 15 ltr water/ spray pump in Sugarcane or as been recommended by local authorities

Mode of Action:
  • Killer is selective, systematic, post emergent herbicides, growth inhibitors.
  • It controls post emergence annual and perennial broad leaves weeds in cereals, tea, wheat, sorghum, rice, established turf, aquatic broad leaves weeds, grass seeds crops, orchards (pome & stone fruits), cranberries, asparagus, sugarcane, rice forestry and non-crop land etc.
  • It should be used in accordance with climatic conditions and approval of local authorities.

Packing: 500, 1000 & 5000 ml